Changes to Clerical Domain Powers and Channelling

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Clerical domain benefits are considered as Spell-Like Abilities.

Some Clerical domains such as Good, Strength or War provide combat benefits for the use of a standard action that only last a single round. This is now changed to a duration of rounds equal to half the clerics level. The blessing from a 1st level Cleric of the God of War would only provide a +1 bonus for 1 round, but that same blessing via the domain power from a 6th level Cleric would be +3 for 3 rounds.

The Luck and Law domains work as listed in the rule book.

If unsure about how it applies to other domains, work with the DM.

When channeling, clerics also add their Charisma bonus after the results of the dice roll is known. Channeling does standard damage to incorporeal undead.

Changes to Clerical Domain Powers and Channelling

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