Changes to the Rogue

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Rogues when compared to other classes (particularly to some of the Archetypes now available) struggle hard to stack up either as combatants or as masters of many skills, and definitely are not the sole possessors of the ‘Trap Finding’ class feature that they used to be. While at lower classes these weakness compared to other classes is not as pronounced (including E6-E8 play) it is still present. Their major class feature of ‘Sneak Attack’ requires either the target to be unaware of them, somehow for the target to lose their dexterity (ie being flat footed) or to be flanked by an ally. All of which are hard for the rogue to pull off.

To that end, rogues are given some feat options at 2nd level. They can choose one from this list for a bonus ‘feat’ at 2nd level. Some are combat related, some are save or skill related.

  • ’Great Fortitude ( + 2 Fort ), Lightning Reflexes ( + 2 Ref ), or Iron Will ( + 2 Will ) feats that improve saving throws – This shores up one of the potential weakness of the class… its weak saves.
  • The ‘Improved Dirty Trick’ feat (ignoring the Intelligence 13 prerequisite) – This may allow for sneak attacks to be set up and hinder foes by inflicting short term crippling conditions.
  • The ‘Improved Feint’ feat (ignoring the Intelligence 13 prerequisite) – This may allow for sneak attacks to be set up by making your foe flat footed to your impending attack.
  • The ‘Extra Rogue Talent’ feat (Trap Spotter) – Rogues may wish to invest in the key ‘iconic’ ability of ‘Trap Spotting’ (Receive a Perception check whenever you come within 10 feet of a trap) but its investment is an opportunity cost for the rogue in other areas. This gives it to them for free.
  • The Skill Focus feat with any one Class skill

Rogues also gain proficiency in Sap and Garrote in addition to their normal weapons.

Finally have had some upgrade to the sneak attack rules with rogues also inflict +2 precision damage for each D6 of sneak attack dice on any critical attack after all damage has been calculated if sneak attack would not normally apply.

See the section on Changes to Sneak Attacks

Changes to the Rogue

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