Fame, Prestige, Costs of Living and Non Adventuring job checks

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Much of these are taken directly from Pathfinder Society Play as designed by Paizo but with some adjustments.

As the characters continue to fight evil through out the course of the game, they will become increasingly famous. This will give them advantages in influencing others and as they grow in fame, they acquire prestige, which can be spent, like calling in a ‘marker’ to gain access to vanities.

Vanities are flavorful character background elements that players can use to customize their characters. Vanities generally have minor game effects; when they do, these effects tend toward non-combat bonuses and take the form of titles, small business enterprises and so on. They can be spent also give access to one off in game benefits, such as bonuses to rolls or divine favours.

Job checks are means by which characters can access to small amounts of additional money through profession or performance skills. Its generally assumed a character will be doing some work during their down time between adventures unless circumstances are otherwise.

Costs of living will be not be used apart from a request for a small sum of money from each character from time to time unless a player states that their character is ‘living large’.

Fame and Prestige


Job Checks

Fame, Prestige, Costs of Living and Non Adventuring job checks

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