GM generated Characters

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Each of these characters have a broad background and are ready to play. Gender is changeable and easily adjusted.

Alchemist (Human Bomb throwing Apothecary and Hunter of the Undead)

Barbarian (Human Berserker of the Kellid Tribes)

Bard (Halfing Varisian Gypsy and wanderer of the roads)

Cavalier (Human Knight Aspirant of the Noble Order of the Dragon)

Cleric (Human Cleric of Iomadae, a holy warrior in search of a crusade)

Druid (Wolf Shaman of the Kellid Tribes)

Fighter (Elvish Mercenary and seeker of inner peace)

Inquisitor (Half Orc Inquisitor of the Goddess Sarenrae)

Magus (Human student of both steel and sorcery)

Oracle (A Human mercenary touched by the God of War and haunted by the dead of their past)

Paladin (Human Paladin of Shelyn, both a lover and a fighter)

Ranger (Ex-city guardsman turned investigator and occasional bounty hunter)

Rogue (Dwarvish Explorer of Tombs and Professional Trap Finder)

Sorcerer (Gnomish Sorcerer of Fire)

Witch (Human Varisian Gypsy fortune teller and witch)

Wizard (Half Elf Academic and Conjurer Wizard)

GM generated Characters

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