House Rules

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Character Advancement

Changes to Level Progression (Level improvements in increments instead of a single event)

E6 (or in this case – E7) (In a nutshell level progression stops at 7th but there are benefits…)

Hero Points (A resource that allows characters to perform above their norm in special circumstances)

Class Changes

Changes to Clerical Domain Powers and Channelling (Some domain powers don’t really pay at mid level play, this fixes it)

Changes to the Rogue (The rogue works better at lower levels than at levels 11+ but here is a minor tweak for them)

Changes to Sneak Attacks (Some upgrades to the Rogues Sneak Attack Class Feature)

Skills and Feats

Banned Feats (Feats that just don’t make the cut)

Changes to Feats and New Feats (Some upgrades to the existing feats)

Changes to Skill Usage (Some upgrades to the existing skills as well as extending skill use)

Perception (A simplified approach to passive Perception of skill + 10 will be used much of the time to cut down on dice rolls)


Lots here…
Armour Rules (Changes that allow armour and shields to help prevent damage but will affect initiative)

Changes to Ability Damage (While some ability damage will knock you unconscious, continued exposure may affect your constitution)

Changes to Combat (casting in combat, armour and weapons effect initiative, longbows as exotic weapons, amour providing protection, effects of wounds, criticals and bleeding and healing in combat)

Injury Rules (A better narrative way of covering damage in combat, fast recovery between combats that will change how healing magic is used and penalties from injuries)


Changes to spell casting, a MUST read for some casters… I’d also recommend casters read up on defences against the supernatural.

Conjuring and Summoned Creatures


Spell Rarity


Iron Weapons and Equipment (Cheaper but heavier)

Magic Items (Rare, and to be valued)

Simplified Encumbrance (Avoiding the book keeping but still holding to simplified approach to avoid you carrying everything PLUS a kitchen sink)

Special Item Enhancement (Non magical weapons and armours with enhancements)

Horror Campaign Rules

Common Defenses Versus the Supernatural or Magical (Hold off fey creatures with a horse shoe and zombies with salt but spell casters must also be cautious as well).

Horror in Pathfinder – or Mental Stability (Sanity System)

Mortality and Death (When you’re done? You’re done…)


Money and the Silver and Gold Standard (Or why is the GM pestering you for Silver coins for day to day stuff and Gold coins for big ticket items).

Right tool for the job (When wearing Platemail to a cocktail party isn’t a good idea)

Trust and Trust Points

Optional and not in general use

Check with me first…


Fame, Prestige, Costs of Living and Non Adventuring job checks

Magic and Magic Items

House Rules

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