Right tool for the job

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Using the right tool for the right job is going to make your life as an adventurer a lot easier. You CAN try to lever open something with your sword but its better to use a crowbar. Benefits or at least avoiding penalties flow from using appropriate tools.

With social engagements its the same.

In your average person’s eyes, if you are totting heavy weapons while encased in steel it makes you look like a bit of a homicidal lunatic. The rich or noble are wary of having someone who is not their bodyguard (or loyal to them), close enough to wreak some serious damage. Local authorities will pay particular notice of such people. Commoners will be cautious and reluctant to interact with you.

As a rule of thumb the appropriate dress in a large town or city is no armour at all – just clothing. You can get away with light armours in a pinch, particularly if the armour is concealed. Appropriate weaponry is a dagger, staff or such. It is best that heavier weapons that that are kept out of sight.

That said, dress as you will – it will be fun to find things change from situation to situation and from person to person. If you want to intimidate someone, being armed to the teeth is a good place to start.

Players are reminded there IS a time and a place for heavier armours – formal military occasions, contests of arms, traveling or being in a dangerous area are just some examples.

The same also applies to someone wearing inappropriate clothes to a battlefield and attempting social engagement there. Modifiers for having inappropriate clothing or weaponry will apply to social rolls.

Right tool for the job

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