Want the GM to create your Character

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If you are new to the game or are someone who has played before but doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, let me know that you want me to make you a character.

I’ll get on a call and try to nail down, in broad terms, what you’d enjoy playing… Conan the Barbarian? No worries. Indiana Jones? Tricky but can do something close to it. Merlin? weeeeeell, maybe as Merlin the young man rather than as he was at his full power.

Give me a concept and I’ll do my best to fit something to your needs.

Additionally you’ll start with 150 gold coins worth of Equipment and depending on your attributes may start with some free feats. I’ll add these in as well.

Here are some GM generated Characters. All are 15 point attribute buy’s and some are largely adaptations of the Paizo Iconic characters. They are not built for power play but should give any player a well rounded character. They have been given colourful backgrounds.

Want the GM to create your Character

The Carrion Crown Helaman