Armour Rules

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Amour Rules

Armour and Damage Resistance
Characters may choose to get additional (limited) protection from their armour – Light armour that grants more than +1 AC provides DR1, all Medium Armour gives DR2 and all Heavy Armour DR3. DR is effective against hit point and injury damage though a minimum of 1 damage will always be inflicted.

Mithril and other lighter armours are treated as the original type for purposes of DR. A suit of mithril chainmail is still treated as DR2 for DR purposes even though it is treated as light armour for others. Adamantine adds its DR to that provided by the armour but is VERY rare.

You can also choose to have their armour or shield try to negate a critical hit instead. If you do, the armor or your shield gains the broken condition (your choice) and the critical is treated as a normal hit.

With a ‘broken’ suit of armor or a shield, the bonus it grants to AC is halved, rounding down. Broken armor and shields doubles the armor check penalty on skills. For hit point purposes assume the item is reduced to half hit points.

Broken armour no longer provides DR.

The above benefits do not apply if the wearer is unconscious, immobile or the subject of a coup de grace attack.

Shields and Reflex Saves
Shields can add their shield bonus to a reflex save for certain saves as advised by the DM. In general shield bonuses would apply for area attacks such as Fireball, Flaming Hands, Cone of Cold etc.

Armour and Weapons affecting initiative
Initiative is affected by the characters Armor Check Penalty. The fighter’s “Armour Training” class feature reduces or can remove this penalty.

Armour and Weapons affecting initiative
Wearing no armour gives +1 initiative bonus
Light armour has no penalty
Medium armour generates a -1 initiative penalty
Heavy armour, a -2 penalty.

Armour Rules

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