Changes to Ability Damage

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Normally ability damage stops when a character reaches 0 in a applicable attribute (exception for constitution) they become unconscious and the attribute drain stops at 0. A character with 0 constitution is dead.

However under these new house rules the GM has the option to rule on overflow damage. Poison that drops a character to 0 Dexterity will paralyse them and make them unconcious but left untreated in the face of continued failed saves? It will continue past 0 dexterity and start damaging constitution.

Under the new rules on sanity it is very difficult but possible to scare a person to death. A big enough fright on a failed stability roll for someone on low wisdom will drop them into catatonia but with overflow, that same scare may be sufficient to stop the heart of someone with a poor constitution.

Changes to Ability Damage

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