Changes to Sneak Attacks

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One of the weaknesses of the rogue is that they can normally only Sneak Attack anytime the target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the rogue flanks her target.

While sneak attack can do significant additional damage spikes (especially in lower level campaigns where hit points are lower) rogues generally need to work with an ally to be able to use that class feature.

Now rogues and others with the sneak attack ability can do +2 precision damage for each D6 of sneak attack dice if the target is under the following negative conditions (which normally do not allow sneak attack) – entangled, sickened, shaken, frightened, panicked, cowering, blind, deafened, dazzled, stunned, staggered, nauseated, fatigued, exhausted, and prone. This is assuming a normal sneak attack cannot be made.

If a target is flat footed, flanked, helpless, paralyzed, and pinned then normal sneak attack damage rules are applied.

Rogues can now also inflict +2 precision damage for each D6 of sneak attack dice on any successful critical attack after all damage has been calculated if sneak attack does not normally apply . This assumes that the creature is normally vulnerable to sneak attacks (ie Elemental, Protean, and incorporeal creatures would not be vulnerable).

Finally Rogues are normally unable to sneak attack where the target is concealed. ‘Dim Light’ is one such condition that gives a ‘concealed’ status. However, in conditions of ‘Dim Light’, while the condition still applies, Sneak Attacks can still be made as normal.

Changes to Sneak Attacks

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