Character Creation

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Read this section please. If you don’t want the effort of making a character let the GM know. When making characters try to avoid concepts that are likely to create party conflict like Serial Killers of Halflings, kleptomaniacs who want to rob the party blind etc

Every character needs a backstory – it can come out in character generation through your trait, skill and feat choices or through the origins of the character but a back story will help you get ‘In Character’ and help you work out how you can best tackle the challenges of the overall story presented by the game. Think of the sort of personality the character has based on their back story.

At the end of the day, a Roleplaying Game is a joint story telling event – it would be weird if those within the story are just two dimensional entities with no personality of their own.

Want the GM to create your Character or use one of the GM generated Characters?

Full Steam ahead, I want to make my own!

Understanding House Rules may have an impact. I’d recommend not diving further than the Introduction to House Rules section initially. Spell casters will find some change. I’d also recommend taking a few minutes to read up on an overview of Ustalav, there is also a free Carrion Crown Players Guide if you care to download it

The Adventure path will explore the themes of prejudice and racism among others. Non Humans will experience some discrimination, as will spell casters. Openly practicing arcane casters and part monstrous races such as half orc’s, Tiefling or Dhampir will experience it in greater intensity. Outlanders from without Ustalavs’ borders and those not following the faiths of its people may experience it as well to some degree.


Given the gritty nature of the setting 15 points will be used for attributes. It is unlikely that characters will be able to achieve greater than an 18 in one attribute and more likely that 16’s and 14’s will be more common for most PCs. Given the level restrictions, 16’s is about as high as spell casters need for bonus spells and thus have no need to Min/Max apart from increasing spell DC’s.

Character may have only two attribute scores at 8 or lower (a 7 or lower is permitted only after racial modifiers from a minimum stat of 8). I suggest avoiding ‘Dump’ stats… particularly Wisdom.

Keep in mind that (for this game) a 12-13 is above average and represents someone who is fit, co-ordinated, personable or quick witted depending on the attribute. A 14 or 15 would represent practiced effort or training and 16-17 is someone with exceptional ability and training… stats of 18 or even 20 are near (if not the top) of the majority of most races maximum potential.

On the flip side a 8 or 9 represents one who is underdeveloped, unfit, or slow of wit, lacking in empathy, will power or commonsense… and a 7 or 6 is someone who is actually retarded in some aspect of their make up.

Character Creation

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