concepts that are likely to create party conflict

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“While as gamers we regularly suspend our disbelief to allow us to play a game with dragons and magic in it, we also need to suspend our disbelief in a meta-fashion as well, because we have to believe that a bunch of disparate, usually sociopathic individuals (the PCs) are willing to get together and go off on adventures and save the world.

If you ask me, that’s more ludicrous than the dragons."
- DM Cynarion

For reasons that sometimes escape me, there are sometimes players who think fun is making the sort of character who is going to come into conflict with either their fellow players, the NPC’s or the story, background or plot of the adventure itself.

Concepts like “secret assassin sent to spy on and hinder the party”, or “Necromancer who insists on using undead minions” in a group that has a paladin or a cleric who hates the undead, do nothing to create a group experience. Concepts like “Druid who hates civilisation” are just not going to work in an Urban campaign and “Insane killing machine that has the Charisma and Intelligence of a troll” is gonna hurt more than help in a game where the focus is on political intrigue.

While I get some players want to be “different” from what they see as “boring” characters, there are ways you can play unique character concepts that DON’T ruin the game.

If you are one considering such a concept, please stop, consider that Role Playing is a group exercise and something that requires a considerable investment of time and/or money from the GM and lower your sights to something, while different enough for your tastes won’t leave a bad taste in any one else’s mouth.

concepts that are likely to create party conflict

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