Full Steam ahead, I want to make my own!

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Pathfinder Character Sheets are dime a dozen on Google but I think ‘Dyslexic Studeos’ do some nice work and each sheet is tailored to its specific class so you don’t get stuff you don’t want. You can find their site here. There are some free XLS character creators online as well but they are still a few generations from where they need to be. Herolab is a good program but requires payment, otherwise do it by hand or leave it to the GM.

Additionally there is a template for character sheets available on the Character Page so your character can be viewed on line.

Character creation rules are summarised very nicely here on the PFSRD site. If new to Pathfinder please review as attribute buy’s are different from 3.0/3.5 Edition and there are some differences to the classes that are worth checking out.

Please choose only races from the Core Rules, though you can use the alternate racial traits with GM permission. Races can be found here. Talk to me if you feel a driving need to play outside the core races. No ‘Eastern’ races or regions please (for instance, nothing from the ‘Dragon Empire Primer’).

In between steps 4 and 5 pick two traits – these can found here and may have an impact on what your class skills, starting saves or funds may be. There is a section for the Carrion Crown starting traits – it is recommended but not essential that you choose one of these. These reflect your characters background and can give access to skills or abilities not normally allowed to your class – allowing you a fair amount of customisation. When selecting traits, you may not select more than one from the same list of traits. Limitations on race, region, religion etc also still apply. This is the one area I allow players to go outside the Core Rules and APG. You may use the Inner Sea Primer, the Race supplements or Faith supplements for traits. Approach the GM if you need help.

The adventure hook is that you know Professor Petros Lorrimor, so this needs to figure in your background and your traits. Do not, however, feel bound by the traits you’ve chosen. If you want to alter the traits background circumstances a bit, that’s fine by me; have fun with it as long as the spirit or theme isn’t altered too far. In other words, no you cannot have spent the last ten years with Professor Lorrimor having cleansed an entire mountain chain of orcs. Remember he is a professor and you are first level.

Avoid any 3rd Party Publishing feats and check with the GM on any feats that are not from the Core Rules and APG. When using the d20pfsrd site it will tell you where they are from. Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic feats are only permitted with permission.

Stick to the Core classes from the Core Rules or the APG Base Classes, with the exception of the Summoner, and the Monk which are not permitted in this campaign. You may use one of Class Archetypes (variants of classes) after clearing them with the GM. The Magus from Ultimate Magic is also permitted. *None of the Ultimate Combat classes (Gunslinger, Ninja or Samurai) are permitted.

Any spell not in the Core rules has to be learned (including Divine casters) ‘In Game’. Availability will be controlled by the GM.


Given the gritty nature of the setting 15 points will be used for attributes. It is unlikely that characters will be able to achieve greater than an 18 in one attribute and more likely that 16’s and 14’s will be more common for most PCs. Given the level restrictions, 16’s is about as high as spell casters need for bonus spells and thus have no need to Min/Max apart from increasing spell DC’s.

Character may have only two attribute scores at 8 or lower (a 7 or lower is permitted only after racial modifiers from a minimum stat of 8). I suggest avoiding ‘Dump’ stats… particularly Wisdom.

Keep in mind that (for this game) a 12-13 is above average and represents someone who is fit, co-ordinated, personable or quick witted depending on the attribute. A 14 or 15 would represent practiced effort or training and 16-17 is someone with exceptional ability and training… stats of 18 or even 20 are near (if not the top) of the majority of most races maximum potential.

On the flip side a 8 or 9 represents one who is underdeveloped, unfit, or slow of wit, lacking in will power or commonsense… and a 7 or 6 is someone who is actually retarded in some aspect of their make up.

Anyone with +1 Base Attack Bonus can receive access to Combat Expertise’(Int 13), ‘Deadly Aim’ (Dex 13) and ‘Power Attack’ (Str 13) combat feats without having to purchase them if you meet the attribute requirements. You just go ahead and write them on your character sheet if you qualify. This gives players access to certain combat options without needing to buy these feats and makes it easier to buy other feats.

Longbows are exotic weapons for everyone except Elves – Makes the Longbow a weapon a niche weapon or one for specialist archers. Most people will rely on slings, shortbows or crossbows.

Starting Gold
Characters should use 150 Gold Pieces as starting wealth. Check out the Simplified Encumbrance rules. Decisions on its use will be made with player consultation.

Starting Skill Bonus
All Characters receive a single bonus skill point that MUST be spent as a Craft, Knowledge, Linguistics or Profession skill. Normal rules for skill maximums apply.

Important Note
The characters themselves will have limited capacity to comprehend or withstand some of the horrors that exist in the world. Characters will have an attribute called “Stability” that measures their steadfastness and sanity in the face of these challenges and foes. All characters have a stability score of 10 + Will Save + level (minimum 10). This will be covered more in the Horror in Pathfinder – or Mental Stability section.

Full Steam ahead, I want to make my own!

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