Introduction to House Rules

There is a TONNE of House Rules here.

If you are the sort who is wanting the GM to keep it transparent and flowing for you, new to the game or someone who doesn’t want to wade through House Rules then stop here and trust me to keep you informed and in the loop as the game is being played.

Here is stuff you SHOULD know…

1. The maximum level for your character will be level 7. After that point you’ll be given feats instead of levels.

2. Instead of going up in levels after gathering a certain amount of XP, you’ll gradually level after each session. You can choose to increase your combat ability and hit points, saving throws, skills or class features. Once you have increased each, you are considered to have gone up one level.

3. There will be a rule to cover character mental stability and sanity. Failed Will Saves could result in the Shaken or Frightened condition… or even phobias and forms of insanity.

4. Damage will be handled differently – Hit Points will return with just a short rest between battles but any damage received from critical’s, failed saves or that drops someone below ‘0’ will be recorded separately as ‘Injury’. These injuries need to be healed either by the Heal Skill or magic. It will result in less healing spells being needed but make recovery from injuries more challenging. Penalties occur when someone is too damaged (at 50% hit points or less)

5. Armour provides some small measure of DR against physical attacks but wearing armour will impact your initiative. Spell casting and two handed weapons will also impact initiative.

6. Slight upgrades are in place for Clerics and Rogues.

7. Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim and Power Attack are free feats for anyone with a BAB of +1 who meets the attribute requirements. These give players more options in combat and less by way of ‘feat tax’ they have to pay to get the feats they may want. At the cost of a small (-2) penalty, Combat maneuvers can be attempted without the relevant feat without incurring an Attack of Opportunity unless the maneuver fails, again giving more choices in combat.

8. Light weapons and weapons that can use the weapons finesse feat can automatically be used with either strength or dexterity modifying to hit, at the players choice. The ‘Weapons Finesse’ feat allows the character to use Dexterity bonuses to damage in lieu of strength if dexterity is used. Longbows are counted as exotic weapons except for elves, in which case it counts as a martial weapon proficiency. Crossbows can hit harder.

9. ‘Hero Points’ are in play. They to allow players to act beyond their normal means or shrug off grievous conditions.

10. Movement beyond a 5 foot step generates a concentration check for spell casters. Spell casters and supernatural creatures may suffer from various mundane defences against the supernatural such as needing to be invited into places of residence, iron vulnerability, weaknesses to running water etc.

IF, on the other hand, you are someone who really likes reading this sort of stuff or want to understand more? Read on. Everything should be covered. Again, I’ll keep things simple for you if you don’t want to know all this stuff… the details in the house rules section are more for me.

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Introduction to House Rules

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