Magic Items

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Magic is not all that common, and in Ustalav, where magical power has deep left scars on its history, can be unpopular with the common man. Divine magic gets a grudging nod if it is used to the benefit of the locals and is cast by recognised members of specific faiths. If there are users of magic within a community, they likely have served long enough that community to earn some grudging trust.

Magical power is waning – its golden age long past and only scholars can speculate if will return again. Both the difficulties in tapping into high level magics and limited resources of the right quality mean that the majority of magic items are antiques. Those items recently made tend to be not be the equal to those of a previous age and as such, magic Items in the campaign are not commonly available.

Minor magic items (small charms, potions and scrolls) may be available in most the larger settlements but anything in a small village such as Ravengro will be shortly sold out if people start drawing on local resources.

Minor charms may be one use items that provide a bonus to a single roll or save or provide cantrip / trait level bonuses to their wielders.

Most Magic items of greater than +1 are rare indeed, and even a +1 magical blade is a powerful item. It would be unlikely that these are readily for sale but all sorts of things are often found on the bodies of less successful adventurers… and besides, you never know until you ask.

There are magical weapons that have partial enhancements as well – rare and just as valued as any other magical weapon.

If you are worried about having a magical weapon at some point in the game, particularly if your preferred weapon is Exotic, touch base with me and I will work something into your background.

Magic Items

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