Mortality and Death

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Raise Dead is not a spell available under the campaign level restrictions. There is ritual magic that can restore the dead to life but it hard to locate someone who could perform the rite, and likely even harder to convince them (or even pay them) to perform such a ritual.

For the most part, its best to just assume that “Dead is Dead”, and your character isn’t coming back. If your character dies try to laugh and reach for the books to make a new character.

As a rule of thumb new characters are 1 level lower than the average level of the party.

To avoid massive concentrations of ‘good stuff’ for the survivors, party members can take 1 item or a share of the total sum of gold held by the deceased if the situation allows, otherwise the person is assumed to be buried with their remaining earthly goods or that they were sold to pay for funeral services, providing monies for their surviving family etc.

New characters can choose roughly equivalent items to what they had for their new character… check with the GM

Mortality and Death

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