Simplified Encumbrance

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A character may carry up to its Strength score worth of burden points before being encumbered. Up to twice its Strength score, the character is now under medium encumbrance (character is fatigued or exhausted if already fatigued). Up to three times its Strength score in burden points, the character is under heavy encumbrance (character is overwhelmed).


Shields and armors have a burden value = modified armor check penalty.


Light weapons have negligible burden up to 4 weapons, above 4 is 1 burden point for each light weapon above that.
Weapons have a burden value of 1 (if 1-handed) or 2 (if 2-handed), including sheathes.
Bows and crossbows = 2 burden points, including quiver of bolts or arrows.

Characters can buy a single weapons belt, (also can be a bandolier or weapons harness if desired). This provides a -1 encumbrance point benefit (total). It allows ready access to the weapons but assumes weapons are in plain sight. This benefit only applies for things stored on the belt


Coins = 1 burden point per 100 coins (first 20 coins are free)
Negligible Items such as spell component pouches, sewing kits, flint and steel, belt pouches etc = 4 items for 1 burden point.
Any smallish item or collection of items (coil of silk rope, set of thieves tools, spell book, extra set of clothes, woolen blanket, satchel, package of 10 torches etc) = 1 burden point.
Trail rations = 1 burden point per week
Water and perishable rations = 1 burden point per day
Any biggish or cumbersome item or collection of items (2-people tent, small wooden chest, small keg of beer, battery of cooking gear etc, hempen rope) = 2 burden points.

Any item bigger than that directly causes the character to be medium or heavily encumbered (DM’s call).

Characters may also have a single backpack that provides a -2 encumbrance point benefit (total) against the sum of the equipment packed. A masterwork pack provides a -3 encumbrance point benefit. A sack over the shoulder (for instance) gives a -1 encumbrance point benefit. This benefit only applies for things stored in the pack


Remember there are traits and equipment bonuses that will reduce armour encumbrance.

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Simplified Encumbrance

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